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It's Time To End The Progressive Agenda

You have the best opportunity in the world to make something of yourself here in America thru hard work and dedication, not welfare and handouts. I DO NOT support any type of progressive or socialist agenda. In my house we pray to the Lord, we proudly fly the American Flag and will not relinquish our 2nd Amendment rights!

Put God Back In School

Let's put God back in the classroom, not Transgenders and Critical Race Theory type nonsense!

Family Values

It's time to bring old time family values and discipline back to America. Children these days seem to be losing respect for everyone.

Love For Your Country

You know what they say, love it or leave it. Many folks have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and way of life.

Our Mission

The problems we are facing today have become insurmountable, we continually elect officials who promise us the world but seem to forget about the issues they run on? I understand it’s a jungle (Swamp) in Washington, every politician out for their own agenda. There are so many issues we are drowning in like CRT, the pushing of transgender lifestyle on the children in school, sky rocketing gas prices, record inflation, I can keep going but you get the point. What can we do? Who can we trust? Where can we turn? Why can’t we find any viable candidates? When or will we ever find someone who truly wants to help. Who is truly looking out for the future of our children?

Who am I? First, I stand with God! Second, I totally support the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights! I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I furthered my education and have received master’s degrees in Forensic Accounting and Advanced Taxation. I also possess a Property & Casualty, Health, and Life Insurance license. I have been in business for the past 20 years. I have led 4 different Semi-Pro football teams to National rankings. National Champion runner-up in 2008. Port City Chargers (NAFL 2). Nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2021. I have turned losing teams into Champions! Also helped many people start their own businesses. I have lived in North Carolina since 1987. I love North Carolina, the location and people are fantastic. I have been to the border many times, and have seen the problems 1st hand.

If we are to save our country and our way of life, it starts with God and the Constitution of the United States! It takes God, Faith and teamwork! We will find the right solutions to real problems, we need to address the Heart of the matter! I need you! We got this; we need to stand together! The environment the liberal democrats have created is built to tear us apart! Notice when things go their way, everything is fine. Disagree, we are the bad guys! The key is coming together, I got the playbook and know how to use it! I told the other candidates I am running against, if they are serious, even if I win, I want them to come with me and build a winning team! It is time to rebuild our dynasty!

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